17-time Gold Prize winner of the Annual Japan Sake Awards

17-time Gold Prize winner of the Annual Japan Sake Awards

Our sake has a refreshing taste that is loved by everyone both in and outside Japan. By means of technical skill of the brewers including first and foremost the chief brewer, this brewery’s most prominent characteristic is in our ability to produce sake with a reliable quality. This brewery has won the Gold Prize the most times of any brewery in Gunma Prefecture at the Annual Japan Sake Awards.

Our pursuit is in “wanting lots of people to enjoy drinking sake.”

Seitoku Meijo’s sake brewing
“Cherish the harmony among people”

Our company was founded on August 11th, 1959 with the intention of jointly bottling and selling refined sake produced by four breweries: Yokoyama Shuzoten in Tomioka, Fukazawa Shuzoten in Shimonita, Kanra Shuzo in Nanmoku, and Baba Shuzoten in Yoshii.

When these four breweries began their joint operations, we followed *Prince Shotoku’s example of “cherish the harmony among people” he had given to Joshu Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine’s chief priest Mishima by saying, “I want you to keep flourishing by means of harmony among people,” and that is where our sake brand “Seitoku” gets its name.

The circumstances surrounding the founding of the company, along with the feelings of everyone in the region, have been carved into the sake brand and the name of the company, and since then, we have placed a high importance on “harmony among people, and harmony in the region.” We have continued to devote ourselves to brewing sake with the aim of being a sake brewery that is loved by the locals.

Our aim is honest sake brewing. Instead of sake that is highly unique, we focus on brewing sake that we want to drink, and we want to produce “sake with a refreshing taste that is loved by everyone.”

(*Who is Prince Shotoku?)

He is the most famous politician in Japan’s history. Back when Japan still was not a proper country (during the second half of the 6th century to the early part of the 7th century), he set up a system of government officials and guidelines based on Buddhism, and contributed to the foundation of a peaceful Japan.

History of main awards won

In Japan

  • 17-time Gold Prize winner of the Annual Japan Sake Awards
  • Winner of numerous distinctions from the Kanto-Shinetsu Taxation Bureau Sake Awards


  • 10-time Gold Award winner for 10 consecutive years for the Daiginjo sake from the U.S. National Sake Appraisal
  • International Wine Challenge (IWC) London
    2019 Ginjo sake division “Seitoku Ginjoshu” Silver Medal
    2018 Pure brew division “Pure brew Gold Seitoku” Silver Medal
    2017 Table sake division “Seitoku Bessen” Gold Medal
    Winner of the Top Ranked Trophy, and Great Value Sake

Sentiments from the brewers

We feel so grateful to all the people who have supported us so we could win so many brilliant awards. Instead of being content with our current achievements, we have received new encouragement from various brewers nationwide while constantly making sure of our technical brewing skills. We have entered into Japan’s prestigious award ceremonies (the Annual Japan Sake Awards, and the Kanto-Shinetsu Taxation Bureau Sake Awards) with our goal to produce sake that is at an even better quality.

There has also been a rise in the consumption of sake overseas in recent years, and events have been created to allow a lot of people to appreciate sake, such as the U.S. National Sake Appraisal, Joy of Sake, and others. And a sake division has been established at the world’s largest wine competition, IWC. Getting a chance to participate in competitions overseas largely broadens our horizons as brewers when it comes to how to appreciate and enjoy sake, and also its cost effectiveness. This also gives us a good opportunity to deliberately reflect whether or not we are brewing sake that is really loved on a regular basis.

So that we can convey to everyone both in and outside Japan our feelings as the foundation of a sake brewery of “wanting lots of people to enjoy drinking sake,” we will continue to strive to brew sake that will be highly well regarded across various locations.

Kanto’s famous Ogawa river system spring
~Against a backdrop of a historic townscape and an environment with an abundance of nature~

This brewery Seitoku Meijo brews sake in Kanra, a town in the western part of Gunma Prefecture that not only has a beautiful natural environment with a pure water source, but also features the charming townscape from the castle town.

In the surrounding area, there are numerous local tourist attractions, including the Tomioka Silk Mill that was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, the beautiful Mount Myogi with its bare rock faces that has been counted among Japan’s three most noted places of rugged beauty, and more.

We will keep tackling various efforts as a sake brewery so that we can deepen our bonds even further than up to now as we continue to maintain with all of the locals this environment we have been blessed with.

Some of the proceeds of our related products are donated to preserve the Tomioka Silk Mill.

We periodically host a “local sake lover event” in the region.

Our Major Brand

Company profile

Brewery NameSEITOKU MEIJO Co., Ltd.
AddressZip Code: 370-2213
686-1, Shirakura,
Kanra-machi, Gunma Japan
ContactTEL. +81 274-74-4111
FAX. +81 274-74-6325
Year establishedAugust 1959
Corporate capital30,000,000 JPY
No employees17 Employees
RepresentativeCEO Tetsuo Hagiwara